Somalia, a country whose revolution against the socialist strong man Siyad barre spiralled into a seemingly perpetual anarchy. The current dynamics of the conflict in the horn African country underwent something of a metamorphosis , unrecognisable from that of the early nineties , but at the heart of this conflict the concept of continuous shifting alliances and front lines are all too familiar.

Since the outbreak civil war on the ground, the war for hearts and minds of competing factions took to the airwaves and the cyber space, now, virtually every Somali city, town and village has a news website named after it.

All claim authenticity, but with non existent national regulatory bodies, that have clear guide lines meant not only quality of Somali journalism is in many cases egregiously bad with the intention to Misinform the reader but also, it meant local authorities regularly imprison and abuse journalists.

The aim of this blog , is to use through primary sources to obtain factual news and reports in order to give a clear and concise picture of events.

NOTE: links and blog contents are for research and educational purposes only, links are not to endorse sites or contents

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