Money missing from #Somalia’s coffers,regardless, President asks the diaspora to cough up the cash.

According to a world bank report released recently, a total of  $130 million is unaccounted for the years of 2009 and 2010, and it doesn’t come as a surprise.

The nascent  Transitional Federal Government (TFG), were previously accused by former chief of Somalia’s public finance unit turned whistle blower Abdirizak Fartaag, in a leaked report to the Associated Press which suggested that, approximately $300million Including $70 million cash donations from oil rich gulf states siphoned off by corrupt officials.

Mr Fartaag held the same position under the tenure former prime ministers, Omar Abdirashid Sharmarke and Mohammed Abdullahi Farmajo, thus one would believe he is well positioned, but for its part, TFG ministers instead, accused AP of what it termed as ” extremely irresponsible journalism” ,and in an effort to brush aside the report as mere political smear campaign against the government, it  accused AP of being ” influenced by opposition political agendas”, however, the recent report by world bank adds to the growing body of evidence of rampant corruption within the TFG.

Despite this latest report by the world bank,  the TFG’s reaction hasn’t changed, in fact it was met by President Sheikh Sharif with almost a denial, responding  to the report he said; “we urge the international community to check back whether the donations were given to the government” , furthermore with hint of  scepticism he stated “It is simple to claim allegations but you must make it clear and tangible. Where the money has gone is what we want to know also”

Prior the president’s trip to Turkey for the Second Istanbul conference on Somalia, he was invited to South Africa for the Global African Diaspora Summit, whilst there, he met members of the Somali community. The president called on Somalis to provide financial support for the TFG.

“at the time when, clan warlords and Islamic courts union groups faced off each other, you provided us with generous financial support” said sheikh Sharif, echoing a time when he was riding high on a wave optimism, an era when Somalis overwhelmingly backed the Islamist militia he headed, not to mention a thief’s hand was consequently severed as a punishment, but in same breath the president lamented “now you do not support the government” , however most telling, is his awareness of the huge dent to public confidence, he remarked; “do you believe false reports that allege the government is corrupt?”

In a bid to help the TFG stem the financial haemorrhaging, the final communique of the second Istanbul conference on somalia, suggested the establishment of Joint Financial Management Board (JFMB), to see that donations do not disappear into a black hole;

“37. The Conference welcomed ongoing negotiations to establish a mutual accountability regime built around the proposed Joint Financial Management Board (JFMB). It urged the early conclusion of the negotiations establishing the JFMB and noted that the international community remains committed to helping Somalia better regulate its finances and development assistance.”

Though the government supported the communique on the whole, however they were quick to make it crystal clear that, they will not agree to such arrangements. Government spokesman abdirahman Omar Osman Yarisow said they will not  allow themselves ” to be financially managed” , and that the above mentioned point will need to be revisited.

Its worth mentioning in 2009 and 2010 the TFG controlled few neighbourhoods in Mogadishu, with military offensive against Al shabab under way, governing newly captured areas without providing basic services is simply unsustainable and ultimately, may prove to be Achilles heel for the foreign sponsored peace process.

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