Top #Ugandan military spook for the Kony hunt,was a #Somalia flop

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Lt. Col. Abdul Rugumayo in the front centre (US Mission flicker page)

As the intelligence chief for Ugandan forces, charged with hunting down the leader of the notorious Ugandan Lords Resistance Army (LRA) Joseph Kony; Lt. Col. Abdul Rugumayo was thrusted into the limelight and was widely quoted, after UPDF forces succeeded in capturing top Kony lieutenant Caesar Acellam in the central African Republic.

“He’s been on the defection shelf for a long time,” said Angelo Izama, a political analyst with the Kampala-based security think tank Fanaka Kwawote. “This is a big intelligence coup for the Ugandan army.”

Unbeknown to many though, Lt. Col. Rugumayo was previously posted in Somalia, as a senior intelligence officer for AMISOM, against the Somali Islamist insurgent groups Al-Shabab and the now defunct hizbul Islam,but there was no “big intelligence coup” of the kind for the UPDF led AMISOM force in Somalia, on the contrary, it was an utter failure of intelligence, and its consequences was soon felt.

Lt. Col Rugumayo (click to enlarge)

In a professionally produced two part documentary video, posted on jihadi forums, entitled “AMISOM and the inevitable end (part 2)”, and released by Al shabab’s media arm al kataib (the brigades), colonel abdul rugumayo ,who cuts a fairly small figure, is featured talking on hidden camera carried by a Shabab double agent, before shaking hands with the double agent and disappearing from view.

The video begins with Quranic recitation by Sheikh Omar Abdelrahman, the Egyptian cleric imprisoned in the US, convicted of terrorism.

The documentary video mainly features planning of a ‘martyrdom operation’ in Mogadishu’s Konis satdium – in which ironically, Olympic hopefuls train in currently, by a team of young Somali men who later drove confiscated white UN marked 4×4 SUV’s ,laden with explosives into AMISOM’s largest base nextto Mogadishu’s Aden Adde international airport.

The bombing was in revenge of slain shabab commander Salih Ali Salih Al-Nabhani, who was killed in US special forces raid as he travelled in convoy, near baraawe , Somalia in 2009, in an operation dubbed “celestial balance”.

The attack resulted in the death of scores of AMISOM troops, including the death of the highest ranking soldier to be killed in the conflict, Burundian deputy force commander then Maj. Gen. Juvenal Niyonguruza.

Al-Shabab have before and since carried high profile attacks, the latest of which, was the theatre blast, in an attempt to kill Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohammed Ali gas and members of his cabinet, though promises were made to investigate, it is not yet known, and will probably never be known how the Somali insurgents got through, but analysts suspect its the work of sympathisers who have links to the transitional federal government.

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